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Greysther Sportdogs

On this site we would like you to get to know more about the breed Greysther and keep you posted on our breeding. A Greysther is not an official breed, but finds its origin by crossing hunting dogs (German Shorthaired Pointer) and the Greyhound. This is already been done for over 40 years ecspacially for the sports Canicross, Bikejøring, Skijøring (1 or 2 dogs) and Dogscooter/Sled (1, 2, 4 and more dogs) on dryland and snow in sprint distances up to about 10km. At this moment there are approximately 15-20 Greysthers in the Netherlands. There is not an extended breeding program with Greysthers. Most of the time they will be bred if the breeder needs more dogs for their own team. I bred the first Greysther litter in Holland in my Dutch Racing Dog kennel. The Greysther is a very sound dog. They have a well-built body, often with fine long limbs. The muscles are very well developed without being excessive. Through this harmonious construction speed and power are almost always guaranteed. The coat of a Greysther is short-haired. In terms of colour, there are many varieties of black (with white), brown (with white), and / or (large) plates. The drive of a Greysther is very high. They will be very quickly up to speed and if trained properly they can sustain that speed very well. During training and competition they usually do not have any problems with other dogs or teams. Greysthers maintain their focus. The start can be difficult when not properly trained. We use the command "Line Out" (movie).You can keep a Greysther simply in your house just like any other family dog. It's a dog with an enormous energy level, you need to be active several times a week and train with a Greysther so they can expend their energy. Because of their hunting background you have to keep in mind that they can hunt very well. They can hunt on sight, smell and hearing. Our Greysthers are trained in a positive way to come back to us and they (mostly ;-) ) do that very well. This takes time, take that time and your Greysther generally can run free in the woods etc. Greysthers have torch people a somewhat modest character, but not nervous or aggressive. For us it is one of the best sportdogs we could wish for!